Buy 2x (1x1) custom

10.00 USD

Package Description
Buy 2x (1x1) custom map image! It comes with two custom map images approved by staff.

After buying, please go to the support channel and open a Tebex ticket.

Custom map Guidelines:

  • Picture can be one picture that is 2x1, or 2 pictures that is 1x1.
  • The picture is going to be final and will never change, unless you buy more custom images at the store, we can reset the pictures and combine with your current images. Example: You got a 2x1 image, if you buy 2 custom images, we can reset your current images and make it a 2x2 or a 1x4.
  • For best effect, the aspect ratio of the picture must match with whatever size image you are planning to have. Example: a 1:1 aspect ratio for a 1x1 image.